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Impactful Connections

We are committed to connect people with innovative solution that bring different choices to consumers around the world and drive impactful change for a different future. 

We global network of business innovation and next generation brands connect people all around the world, giving them additional choices and a voice to make a change. We're taking action to keep our operations safe and impactful for everyone.

The BIG FIVE Group is a overall business build platform divided in separate departments that all together commit to work on the group wide vision of creating a new consume system. Our primary task are to recognize future trends and understand how they impact markets and consumer behaviour. By building a global network of ambitious entrepreneurs and different thinking problem solves we can change more and more markets by implementing new brands that give consumers an additional product choice, wiche are all based on our values and a different purpose. This is a vision we can’t realize by our own. But we can go the first steps, share our message and influence innovators all around the world to join us on our amazing journey.  

Simplify Innovation

We believe that todays world is complex enough and that's we we are focusing on simplifying innovation.

Who has the choice is spoiled for choice. In a world with seemingly endless opportunities it's becoming more and more difficult for everyone to make decisions. We want to change this by building brand and product innovations that simplify the process of decision making. How? By involving the consumer in an early stage and listen to their needs. Innovations need to accessible and usable for everyone no matter where they from or which generation they belong to.


If there is no space to hide anything it is transparent by it's own.

We are looking forward in a revolutionary time where most of our everyday activities are stored and managed on the consumer blockchain. Which gives the full control back to the consumers of tomorrow. We are already working on the process to bring our innovations to the consumer blockchain and building a global decentralized ecosystem.


Nothing will happen if no one committed to do the needed work that brings the change

We need to change our perspective on the current work culture. If we want to change something in the future we need to do the needed work. Meaning to to the thing that needed to move forward. At the BIG FIVE our work culture is defined by operations and not management.

Listen to understand

What's needed is not always what's expected.

Great ideas are born in innovative minds. But a great idea is not always what consumers around the world are expecting or wanting. We live a different approach when it comes to introduce new innovations to the market because before we do anything we listen to the once who are about to use it in the future. That allows us to get a exact understanding of the current consumer behaviour and to deliver exactly what's needed.

Value Framework

It's hard to change something alone but it's easier as a global committed alliance.

ideas and innovations are different and target different markets and consumer groups. But there is one thing that we can align at every innovation we are brining to the the future markets. Our Framework of values. We believe that if we build solutions for individuals that are alle committed to the same values we can have a impact on the future easier than ever.

Perspective Shift

We need to rethink the status quo and accept the challenge to really have an impact on what's next.

As we look on the systems that drive our current global economy we see a lot of opportunities of change. And with the upcoming technology transformation we see the final chance to introduce different ways to the world.

✳︎ Join us on our Journey

If you are an innovative and ambitious founder or entrepreneur that believes that we can have an impact on the future by changing the perspective. Join our next generation business building venture.