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What's next?

We are building the next evolution of consumer brands that drive momentum for a different future

The Group Savannas

We see ourselves as a modern-day business building organization that gives open minded people a platform for thrive. We believe that we can have an impact on the future by changing the perspective. 


A modern-day business building division that solves exciting challenges to build brands that all exist for a different purpose by giving consumers an additional product choice.

Creating a global brand network that exists for a different purpose

BIG FIVE Enterorises is a global acting incubation and business building division that works different because ist build different. We give next generation entrepreneurs a platform to thrive.
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A next generation investment and management division that invests in the assets of tomorrow, which will drive the decentralized economy evolution.

Investing in the Assets of tomorrow

We believe that the assets of the future will be blockchain driven. Therefore we invest in impactful assets that supports our overall vision of a decentralized economy.
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A technology driven media and communication company that helps businesses to stand out for what's next.

We build what's needed next to grow ambitious brands in a new decade

Our world is in transformation, therefore we are brand builders, media strategists, tech experts, modern communicators, attention traders and entrepreneurial thinkers. BIG FIVE Solutions is a global acting solutions and service provider that helps ambitious brands and business to master their biggest challenges in digital business transformation.
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A global acting, blockchain driven charity organisation that has the vision to flip the system by actively giving back and building impactful momentum around the world.

Investing in impactful projects that will help to create a different tomorrow

Can 5% change the future? The BIG FIVE Foundation has the vision to collect 5% of all the group wide revenues and use it to make a difference.
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Savanna Club

A NFT based community of intellectual property that connects a new generation of entrepreneurs all around the world to solve the most exciting challenges of tomorrow.

A NFT project with a Business DNA that connects future minded people around the world to bring impactful ideas to live.

The BIG FIVE Savanna Club build a key role community platform for an entrepreneurial movement. Building a business needs more than just a great idea. It needs people that share a mindset to bring great ideas to other people. Our vision is to flip the system of how innovation is born based on the huge possibilities of NFTs.
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Agency GER

An innovation, growth and digital marketing agency that helps enduring local business in Germany to master the digital transformation.

We transform local brands that flex with the times

Our world is in change, but that's always true. We believe in the power of local brands through innovative digital transformations. The BIG FIVE Agency is a modern-day creative digital marketing and media company specialized for german local markets to help them in digital transformation.
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✳︎ Why the BIG FIVE?

We build what's needed to challenge the status quo. We means you and I. We only work collaborative with our partners and clients. What's needed is not always what's expected.